All your school washroom supplies in one place! Ranging from well-known brands such as Northfork, Livi, Cleanlink, Nood & more, we have everything you need to keep your school clean! We offer other services such as washroom maintenance and free dispenser installations. If you still are unsure about some of our products, feel free to get in contact with us or order a sample below!
Washroom maintenance

If you would like to organise a scheduled maintenance program please give us a call at 8369 2555.

If you would like to organise a washroom audit please give us a call at 8369 2555.

An ADS staff member will come out and review your schools washroom products such as dispensers and will give you a professionalized opinion on what should be replaced to help your school become more efficient in washroom products.

Shop our range of different dispensers for toilet paper, hand sanitizers, soaps and more here.

For dispenser installations, please contact us at 8369 2555 for quotes.

If you would like a quote for any washroom queries please call us at 8369 2555.

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About washroom products

Child-safe products will clearly be clearly labeled or in the description. Our child-safe products range from cleaning supplies to floor stickers and more.

Note: Not all cleaning washroom products will be deemed child-safe therefore please read carefully before purchasing.

If you are still unsure please contact us at 8369 2555.

We use quality products from recognizable brands to create a secure and trusting order form. All products that we sell are reliable and of the highest quality.

Bulk buy and delivery

Bulk buy is available on most products. The bulk buy button is shown under the price on all products.

Depending on how much is ordered, your order may be delivered in pallet quantities.

We deliver to your schools doorstep! If you want your order delivered to a specific part of the school,please specify in delivery notes.

if you order is being delivered on a pallet, it can be unloaded by forklift or unloaded by hand by our driver.

Washroom samples
Coming soon...
Coming soon...
Washroom brands

"Solaris Paper is an Australian operated and managed company, distributing high quality toilet and tissue products throughout Australia." - Livi

"CleanLink is an information resource for sanitary supply distributors, building service contractors and in-house cleaning professionals. On this web site from the publishers of Sanitary Maintenance, Contracting Profits and Facility Cleaning Decisions magazines you will find many useful features and articles that can help you improve the way you run your business or department." - CleanLink