Read Cloud


ReadCloud’s advanced eReader allows you to comment directly inside your eBooks, collaborating with classmates and teachers using either text or video. ReadCloud is 100% Australian owned, operated and supported delivering digital curriculum to over 350 schools across Australia.

How ReadCloud works

ReadCloud' s proprietary eBook platform delivers digital content to students and teachers with extensive functionality, including the ability to make commentary in, and import third party content into eBooks. Students and teachers can share notes, questions, videos and weblinks directly inside the eBook, turning the eBook into a place for discussion, collaboration and social learning, substantially improving learning outcomes.

ReadCloud listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in February 2018. Its proprietary eReading software is used in over 350 leading schools across Australia and by more than 100,000 students on any given day during term time. Having recently acquired the Australian Institute of Education and Training, a nationally accredited RTO, ReadCloud also offers VET in schools. Currently there are 47 digital courses on scope.

How can ReadCloud benefit your school

This covers all your Educational resource providers (top 6 educational publishers), Non-Traditional Education resource providers (Education Perfect, Stile and Mathspace to name a few) and all your eNovels (both in copyright and out of copyright, e.g. Shakespeare). ReadCloud activates all codes on behalf of its schools – both digital-only codes and codes inside print textbooks and can bind, stitch and cover your print textbooks.

ReadCloud’s innovative eReader enables teachers and students to share notes, drawings, questions, videos, audio and websites directly inside the eBook, turning the text into a place for discussion, collaboration and social learning.

ReadCloud offers schools access to their entire repertoire of in-classroom content (eBooks, publisher interactive resources and the digital component of print textbooks) in one app and is keenly suited for home schooling and distance education options.

Teachers are able to remotely curate their own content over and above the commercial curriculum that they teach, helping supplement and further contextualise student learning outcomes. Teacher curated content sits alongside the commercial curriculum and can be in the form of a PDF, a website, an MP3 or MP4 file or even an image.

Resources can be accessed in many ways - from ReadCloud’s native app’s, its web browser, your LMS or OneNote.

Teacher and students can log in to ReadCloud with their MIS ID and on up to unique 6 devices.

ReadCloud’s Timetable integration syncs your timetable with ReadCloud’s virtual clouds – this occurs when your timetable rolls and then each day thereafter – content provisioning (and code activations) is linked to your OneSchool data.

Reading Analytics – eBook statistics at a class/cloud level for each student covering pages read over the preceding thirty days.