We are here to help your students and school staff’s days run smoother and easier with our canteen products. Our range of canteen products range from cutlery, plates, coffees, biscuits and more.


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Cutlery, plates and more 

BioPak are focused on creating recyclable and compostable products, mainly focusing on kitchen items such as plates, bowls, coffee cups, straws and more! Their paper products are made from managed plantations which produce a sustainable tree source and their plastic is created with bioplastics made from plants. All your eco-friendly canteen products from BioPak can be bought here!

Shop our Connoisseur range here. Connoisseur products are of a simple but modern quality, ranging from ceramic cups and plates to stainless steel cutlery.

Still unsure about the BioPak range? Feel free to order a BioPak sample!

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Whether you need consumables for your canteen, student rooms or teacher lounges, we have got you covered! We have a range different biscuits, chips, coffee, teas, juices, milk, snacks and sweets!

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Hygiene and cleaning 

We sell a wide range of different brands of gloves. From all sizes, colours, powdered or non-powdered, rubber &protective gloves, you will never have to worry about getting your hands dirty again.

Agar, Cleanlink and Northfork just to name a few commercial cleaning brands that we stock. All your cleaning chemicals can be purchased from us in single or bulk quantities.

We have a wide range of different types and brands of hand sanitizers and soaps! Well-known brands such as Dettol, Northfork, Nood and more help you trust these hand sanitizers and soaps are killing germs effectively!

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We sell a wide range of kitchen appliances to kettles, sandwich press, microwave, blenders and more!

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